We can serve you through…

A Customized Workshop

An experiential workshop built for your team.

This is our most popular and highest impact service based on our popular book.

We will ignite the passion for customers that is inherent on your team. Through a highly experiential workshop, intact teams learn how to use the techniques that put customers first, how to creatively meet their deepest needs ahead of the competition, and most importantly – why everyone needs to care. Customized to your team’s specific customer and market situation this workshop discovers and aligns teams on their customers’ biggest needs, and provides a detailed introduction to Scenario-Focused Engineering.

A Hands-On Project for You

Facilitation and hands-on problem solving.

We won’t build products for you, but we will guide you and coach you along the way. Through a series of faciliated working sessions, we help guide teams to create and develop:

  • a customer strategy, including carryover and customer eco-system maps

  • customer insights based on research

  • story-based scenarios and user journeys with achievable metrics

  • out of the box ideas, brainstorming & lateral thinking techniques

  • sketches, storyboards and other visual representations of potential solutions

  • low fidelity prototypes

  • early customer observation and testing


Not everyone is the same, and we want to meet your specific needs. We tailor everything to your team, product, customers, and market situation. As such, we do not publish standardized pricing. We are happy to discuss your needs and provide more detail, including cost estimates.  Just go to our Contact page to get started!