A Video Lesson on Scenario Writing


Many people want to know, “What is the secret to your process”?  Frankly, it comes down to two simple concepts that we’re willing to share with you right here for free.

The first concept is simply talking with your customers.  The funny thing is many engineering teams, especially ones deep inside of organizations, in IT or some line-of-business units, tell us, “We don’t have any customers!”  Well, all teams do.  And you have to talk to your customers in person.  This is part of our two-day workshop that we do with our clients.  We show you how to find your customers, what to talk to them about, and how to use their feedback to focus your team.

The second concept is in creating “scenarios”.  Scenarios are simply short stories involving your customers that outline the goals of what you want your product to do, and how it helps your customers.  For more information on what we mean by scenarios and how to write them, join our mailing list below to watch our free video on creating and writing great scenarios.