Here are some things we think are essential for your journey in creating products that people will love. 

Scenario Focused Engineering Book

Our book that started it all.  We wrote it as an inpirational piece, a self-help book for teams, and a reference that you can return to for a process that works, every time.

The Scenario Focused Engineering Method

The poster of our complete process.  Print it out and put it on your wall, bulletin board, or door.  

Our blog. We write on a vareity of topics from software design, to UX, to management styles, team dynamics, and where technology is headed.

Our reading list. We’ve curated an essential list of game-changing books and articles.  We’ve started with the list we created for our book, but we’re adding to it all the time here on our website.  If you’re interested in how the best-of-the-best teams create awesome products, every time, this is some secret sauce.