The Devonomics Podcast

Austina DeBonte and Drew Fletcher interview some of the leading thought leaders, managers, and tech stars who are leading the world’s best companies in creating trendsetting technology.  Learn the behind-the-scenes of how these leaders choose the right tech, manage their people, talk to customers, and cast vision for making the best products on the planet.

Episode 3: Diana Kumar – Tableau Software

In this episode, we talk with Diana Kumar, Director of Release and Customer Feedback at Tableau Software. We already knew that Tableau was renowned for their innovative data visualizations for massive amounts of data. What we didn’t know is that despite being a market leader in big data, their innovation engine isn’t fueled by their own data visualization capabilities. Their company motto is “making it simple for our customers,” and they get their feedback the old fashioned way – by actually talking to their customers. Listen to learn more about Tableau’s innovative, customer-focused, scenario-based practices that have propelled them to be a market leader.

Episode 2: Eric Brechner – Microsoft XBox Live

Eric Brechner (aka I.M. Wright) is our guest on this episode. Eric is a director of engineering for XBox at Microsoft and discusses with us engineering systems and how to wow customers who are internal to your company. He also talks about leadership, team culture and how DevOps teams can use their infrastructure to get close to customers and how to get off of the 24×7 fire-fighting hamster wheel.

Episode 1: Austina DeBonte & Drew Fletcher

Drew Fletcher and Austina De Bonte challenge product development leaders to let engineers talk directly to their customers; to allow them to make decisions about how to best meet customers’ needs.