What People Are Saying…

“In this impeccably organized book, Fletcher and De Bonte combine practical wisdom and highly refined techniques to produce a hands-on guide that will enrich the design room as well as the classroom. A smart, easy read.”

William Storage

Visiting Scholar: Center for Science, Technology, and Society, UC Berkeley

“Teams will greatly benefit…by shifting the primary focus from feature lists to ‘who would use this product’ (target customer), and ‘why/how’ (scenarios).”

Raja Abburi

CEO, Navaraga Corporation

“One of the toughest challenges designers face is promoting the value behind building end-to-end scenarios rather than hundreds of glitzy, yet disconnected features. SFE throws the old engineering processes out the window and replaces them with a common language, tools and techniques that enable development, test, program management, marketing and design to work together to deliver a cohesive, end to end experience. The program transformed our organization from the top down.”

Bethany Kessen Doan

User Experience Design Consultant

“Breakthroughs often result when diverse disciplines collaborate to solve old problems using new perspectives. Scenario-Focused Engineering is just such a breakthrough. I’ll never see software design the same.”

Eric Brechner

Development Manager, Microsoft Xbox, Author of I.M. Wright’s Hard Code, Microsoft

“If your team focus is dominated by what you want to make, without enough consideration of why or for whom, this book is for you. Revitalize your team and your product by using these rigorous techniques that put the customer at the center.”

Chris Pratley

Director of Program Management, Microsoft Office, creator of OneNote and Sway, Microsoft

“Three years ago, we decided to pilot the use of Scenario-Focused Engineering for our division. The improvements were almost immediate, and customers love the outcome. There’s no going back.”

Jeff Comstock

General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics R&D, Microsoft