We think there is a better way to engineer software. That innovation and creativity can be taught, and that there is science behind it, not just art.

The SFE Process Poster

We are engineers, who together have decades of experience designing, building, and shipping software products and online services.

We figured out how to explain the non-analytical principles of innovation and design to a hard-core analytical engineering audience, which in many cases led to some significant change in the ways teams think and work.

Over the past 8 years we got it down to a science. Now we have taken SFE on the road, as we think these ideas are just as powerful for the rest of the industry.

We believe in:


In order to build complete end-to-end experiences, rather than a set of interconnected features, it’s imperative that the entire team have a deep sense of who the customer is and what makes them unique.

Iteration and continuous feedback

Getting early and continuous feedback from customers as you gradually hone in on an optimal solution saves time, avoids rework, and ensures that you ultimately deliver on what the customers actually want and need from you.

Team culture as a critical component

Building products that customers crave requires a fundamental shift in how engineering teams view their work – to move away from deciding what the product/service/device will do, but rather focus on discovering what will actually work for real customers in real-life situations.

If a team’s culture does not fully appreciate putting the customer at the center of their work, it is possible to build a product that is rich with functionality, yet does not deliver the desired customer value.