Your Biggest Risk as an Engineer Is to Build the Wrong Thing

Here’s what we hear from product engineering teams…

“We worked long and hard. The technology [mostly] works. But our users are still complaining. They don’t love it.”

“We feel like we have all the pieces, but somehow it doesn’t come together as a complete end-to-end experience.”

“We are always fire fighting. We feel like we don’t have time to talk to customers, build prototypes, or get their feedback.”

“Each person on my team has a different idea of what’s most important, what we’re building, and who we’re building it for.”

Scenario Focused Engineering is a time tested and repeatable method to make products great

We are engineers ourselves.  We needed a scientific approach that was no-nonsense. So we did the research and tried our method with dozens of engineering teams at Microsoft and elsewhere.  We got results. And we wrote a book about it.

We will lead your entire team, from marketing to engineering, through a two-day experiential workshop, at your location with your customers and your problems.

We’ll Give Your Team a Common Language and Approach
to Solving Big & Complicated Problems

After our workshop, your team will have a renewed focus on how to efficiently build the right thing. You will have a healthier team unified around common goals, and instead of fire fighting, your entire team will be able to focus on what’s really important.